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Considering buying a new C200 AvantGarde

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I am considering getting a mild-hybrid C200 AvantGarde with one reservation. It was reported by a professional reviewer that the 'ride' was 'rough'. Some enlightenment would be welcome.
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Hey @TCR3113 welcome to the forum! Ultimately ride quality is a subjective thing and something you should experience yourself.

One review I've seen suggests that C200 AvantGarde is a comfy car to be in, but depending on where you live the ride height could cause some problems. Do you live and drive in places with a lot of bumps or smooth roads?

Designed to offer great levels of comfort, NVH, and fuel efficiency, the C 200's powertrain can go down to 6.6-litres/100km thanks to the inclusion of that electric motor positioned between the engine and gearbox (if you're really careful with the pedal). The C 200 might feel slow at first, but once you get used to it, that 1.5-litre certainly delivers quite a punch, but not enough to make you go 'Wohoo!'. Comfort is the name of the game here.

There is, however, one particular aspect that we did not enjoy with the C 200 - its ground clearance. For most speed humps and bumps here in Malaysia, you really have to manoeuvre it carefully to avoid contact with its undercarriage. The Lowered Comfort suspension might be sublime when you're gunning it on the highway, but in cities and towns with three or more adults in the car, be prepared to hear that dreaded scratching sound when you roll up to a speed bump a bit too fast.
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Thank you, Silver Arrow.
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Thank you, Silver Arrow.
No problem at all. Have you made a decision on if you're going to get the C200?
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